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I’m far from a prude… in fact, what’s the opposite of prude?  Perv?  Well, I’m not really a pervert, either.   I’m a healthy medium.

Okay, so if you really want to know, I googled to find the dirtiest Netflix movies possible.  It was just a curiosity thing.  I stumbled upon this movie, and decided to give it a whirl while I was–get this–job searching/applying.

And…  What the hell.

Here’s our plot–a suicidal woman pays a gay man to “watch” her for four nights.  And by watch, I mean she takes off her clothes and gets “in touch” with herself.  A euphemism for masturbation? You betcha.  A euphemism for some deep, pretentious self-identity analogies? Yup, that too!  I”m not sure what else I can say about this, except the dude gets jiggy with her.  And she rambles on a lot about her identity and position as a woman.

It’s not that I don’t get it, because I do.  And there is a point to this movie, but it’s hard to explain without spoiling what little of a plot there is.  I am not the type that brags, but I took more than a few feminist theory courses in college… like, way more than a few.  I’m very “I am woman, hear me roar.”  But this is just some weird, pornographic stuff.  I’m not even sure the rating, but it’s way more hardcore than the stuff you see on Skinamax or Showtime at 4 am.

And guys?  Yeah, you’ll probably get a boner.  Just fyi.

Recommended viewing setting: When nobody else is around and you’d like some “alone time.”

Recommended Viewing snacks:  Chicken breast.  Chicken thighs.  Chicken legs.  French cuisine.  Oysters and chocolate.  Ladyfingers.


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