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I forgot to mention in my last post that I’m dating someone. This is pretty important stuff to someone who is socially awkward and chronically single.

He’s nice. Funny. Very Smart. And cute to boot. So this makes me smile.
I’m in like.

It's a clever, post-post modern title, you see.

He recommended to me Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. In fact, we started to watch it one evening before it turned into a snogging session (ew, ew, tmi, right?). But I did finish watching it on my own, which is a good thing, because it was fun.

Dr. Horrible is a bad man. A very bad man. He is what you call a villain. *gasp* He’s so bad that he wants to be horrible. Yet just like in the movies, he likes a girl named Penny. And again, just like in the movies… the girl likes Dr. Horrible’s nemesis, the attractive and popular Captain Hammer.

I hesitate to reveal any more of the plot. If you can tell by the “sing-along” part of the title, it’s a musical. And musicals have happy parts and sad parts. This isn’t intellectual, deep drivel, but it does make you wonder if good is always good and if bad is always bad. Like, what makes a hero a hero? What makes a villain a villain? Is Dr. Horrible a true villain if he has romantic feelings for something other than world domination?

Neil Patrick Harris does a fine job at Dr. Horrible, but I can’t help but think of him still as Doogie Howser. He’ll always be Doogie to me, one of my first crushes (I think I was in lurve with his brains more than his looks. Go freaking figure). The best thing about this “movie” is that it’s very short–three acts that are 14 minutes long each–which makes this a quick and easy view.

Just watch it. To quote my dating partner, it’s woot. =)

Best Served With: Microwavable Pizza, frozen yogurt.


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Go ahead and laugh–I freaking love Mrs. Doubtfire. This was a movie I watched endlessly when I was unemployed–actually, I still continue to watch it.

Mrs. Doubtfire rules all

What's up, $5 bin at Walmart?

In case you’ve lived under a rock since the 1990s, Mrs. Doubtfire is family comedy from the mid 90s (don’t know the exact year, I’m guessing around 93 or 94, but I’m too lazy to search it). It stars Robin Williams, who generally annoys the hell out of me when he acts like he’s on speed. Damn cokehead. Sally Field is also in it, as well as Joey Lawrence’s one brother (WHOA!) and the little girl who plays Matilda in Matilda (hey, I’ve been watching this movie since I was like 10, and that’s who those people will always be to me).

Anyway, Robin Williams’ character and his wife separate and divorce. With limited custody with his kids, he dresses up like an elderly woman (Mrs. Doubtfire) so he can secretly be their nanny. Robin Williams as a woman? You know hijinx will ensue.

It’s a ridiculous little plotline, but people have a soft spot for movies with cross-dressing. But here’s what I remember as a kid: it was the first time, that I recall in a movie, that made divorce accessible to kids. My parents somehow (for some reason) remained married, but this was happening in the midst of marriages ending amongst my peers. My parents were talking about divorce at the time, though, and even though hearing that word was scarying, seeing the ending of this movie made me smile.

Two (ok, three) facts related to this movie:

Me at 9 AM: “Hellloooooooo Jennifer!”

1. I love saying “Hellllloooooooo!” a la Mrs. Doubtfire to my one coworker in the morning when I walk in the door.
2. I thought the song “Dude Looks Like a Lady” was called “Do the Soccer Lady.”
3. This movie is great background noise when you are pre-occupied with somethign else.

So if you haven’t see it, check it out… I think it’s rated PG, which makes it a nice watch for kids who are a little too grown up for animated movies, yet still want to see something lighthearted.

Best Served With: Hot dogs, mac and cheese, and ice cream… kids movie food, woot!

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